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  • Vacuum rugs.

  • Remove trash bag and replace. Wipe outside of trash can.

  • Clean inside and all the parts outside of the toilet.

  • ​Clean shower and bathtub.

  • Wipe cabinets doors. 

  • Wipe counter (including back splash).

  • ​​Wipe the door and frame.

  • Polish all metal.

  • Refold towels.

  • Clean mirror.

  • Clean sink and faucet. 

  • Sweep floor, mop and return rugs.


  • Remove trash and replace bag. Wipe outside of trash can.

  • Disinfect/wipe desk, chairs, phone, computer, mouse and any other items found.

  • Dust bookshelf and items on it. 

  • Wipe door and door frame.

  • Dust baseboards, door frames, light fixtures and ceiling fans.

  • Sweep or vacuum floors. Mop.


  • Remove trash and replace bag. Wipe outside of trash can.

  • Clean outside oven.

  • Dust or wipe oven hood. If very greasy additional

  • time will be needed (additional cost). 

  • Clean stove top.

  • Clean inside and outside microwave.

  • Clean outside the dishwasher and fridge.

  • Wipe counter (including back splash).

  • ​Wipe cabinet and drawer doors. ​​Wipe sides of island.

  • Wipe outside pantry door.  

  • Polish all metal.

  • Refold towels.

  • Clean sink and faucet. Washing & putting away

  • dishes is an extra charge.

  • Vacuum or wipe down rug/mats.

  • Sweep or vacuum floors, including the pantry. Mop.

Living Rooms, Bedrooms and Basements

  • Dust & polish TV, stand, tables, bookshelves and decorative items. 

  • Wipe or vacuum couch and chairs. Fluff pillows and fold blankets.

  • Disinfect/wipe remote controllers.

  • Tidy up and make beds (change sheets additional charge $).

  • Vacuum, sweep and mop.

Staircases, Entryways, Hallways and Mudrooms

  • Disinfect/wipe handrails.

  • Dust banister and baseboards.

  • Dust & polish pictures and framed art.

  • Vacuum, sweep & mop stairs and landings. 

  • Detail vacuum, as needed.

Dining Areas and Laundry Room

  • Clean sliding glass door inside and out.

  • Wipe tables & chairs, including island chairs.

  • Straighten bottles.

  • Wipe down top and sides of washer and dryer. 

  • Remove hair on chair leg pads. 

  • Wipe down or vacuum all rugs.

  • Sweep or vacuum floors. Mop.

  • Dust light fixtures, as needed.

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