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  • One of the most detailed cleans possible. You will not find a more thorough service than what we can provide. Our services are not cheap but you will feel worth it for the end result! 

  • A dedicated focus on how your home can look the best. While we evaluate your home and while we work, we take very extensive notes about what we do and things we see might need to be addressed in the future. 


  • Someone with great staff who cares about doing their best. We take our staff hiring and development seriously. That means:

- Having quality people working for us. 

- Maintaining ongoing training.

- Ensuring every employee takes every job seriously. 

  • Always keeping the lines of communications between clients, staff and owners open.

  • Not having anyone on staff who judges clients for having messy houses. That’s why we’re hired!

  • Keeping track of the overall care of your home.

  • Fixing any issue to keep you happy.


  • Strong cleaner/client connections. Our cleaners are assigned specific homes. The homes must start with a deep clean and the cleaner’s job is to do regular cleaning and the deep clean items. Our owner audits each home periodically to make sure all the details are being maintained to a high standard.

  • Someone who is invested in you. For ongoing services, we keep track of the overall care of your home and each cleaner is a special type of person that genuinely cares about their clients. They will care for your home as if it were their own. ·


  • Strong value. The cost of maintenance cleaning with us is in line with other local cleaning companies. It is just more expensive than most single person cleaners or than competitors that don’t clean as deeply as we do. You hire us because we’re obsessive and because we love to get every bit of dirt so your home sparkles like new.

  • Someone who wants you to be happy. When you work with us, we want to fix any issues and are open to direct feedback. There is no such thing as hurting our feelings.  We are looking for the right fit too. This should be a helpful and positive experience for all of us. Call us today so we can determine if we’re the right fit for each other.  


  • As you are looking for a certain type for service, we are looking for a certain type of client. We seek to take on clients that share of our value system of open, transparent communication. We seek clients that value building long term sustainable relationships to include trust and mutual respect.

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PO. Box 492, Erie, CO 80516  

  Tel: 720-702-4929

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