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Frequently asked questions
How we do things

Will I get the same cleaners?

That's our goal! We try to keep the same team at the same home to help foster relationships between cleaners and clients and maintain consistency of the cleans.

Do you offer a guarantee?

Yes! We offer a 24-hour worry free guarantee. We will come back and fix anything you are not happy with. 

Do I need to be out of the house?

We don't mind if you are there or not. We can work around you!

Should I tip?

Up to you! Each client and each service is different. We never expect it but it's always appreciated. 

Do you do one time cleans?

We do every sort of clean you can think of including commercial cleanings at restaurants, offices, airports, schools and more. 

Do you use your own equipment & supplies?

Yes! We use commercial equipment and top of the line products.

What is something gets damaged?

In this rare event, we will pay to have it fixed or replaced.

Can I give you a key?

Nope. Too easy to misplace. You can stash it somewhere if you would like.

How do I tip?

Either to the cleaner directly or you can add it to your service payment and let us know who its for.

Do I pay at the services?

You can if you are there and know the total but often times the bookkeeper sends the invoices the next day. Instructions on how to pay will be noted on the invoice.

How long until payment is due?

Please pay as soon as possible. We hate having to hassle clients to pay their bill and ask that you do so within 48-hours of receiving your invoice!

How do I pay?

Venmo Brianna-Robinson-38 is preferred. Cash, check and paying the invoice directly there is a 4% processing fee added to total bill. 

How much is the average regular service?

They run between $180-$240, on average.

How much is the average deep clean?

This varies considerable but between the $400-$600 range. Big jobs (larger sq footage or larger scope) average $700-$1000.

What type of cleaning products do you use?

We use top of the line products that aim on reducing pathogens within your house while limiting the chemicals your family is exposed to by the products themselves. 

Do you use Norwex products?

We use the cloths and the mop system. We love Norwex!

Are you licensed?


There is no such thing as a cleaning license but the company is an S-Corp registered with the state of Colorado.

Are you bonded?

We can be for a specific home or job, upon request.

Are you insured?

Yes we are! We carry liability insurance.

Do you check backgrounds?

We do full federal background checks and screen all of our cleaners  thoroughly before the enter your home.

How do you charge?

We base our estimates and each charge on square footage, condition of the home pre-cleaning and the scope of work that is being requested. 

What's the rescheduling policy?

We try not to as much as possible and we ask the same of you. We have dedicated staff to handle scheduling changes in real time. 

Why is deep cleaning more expensive?

Deep cleaning is hard on our bodies and it takes an experienced eye with the knowledge of the best techniques to transform a space.

How much can I expect my ongoing service will cost?

In general, subsequent monthly or bi weekly cleanings after the deep clean will cost 3x less than the cost of the deep clean. 

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