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The Full Story

More aboutBrianna

Brianna loves the art of homemaking. One of the things she loved most about being married was keeping an immaculate house and cooking amazing meals. Household Solutions does not provide an outlet for cooking but it does allow the gratification of bringing joy to others by transforming their spaces in to their best versions. The best part of expressing this passion for others is because she gets to make a space beautiful and leave before she sees it destroyed, like in her own home. 

Before Household Solutions

Brianna spent her formative years in Vancouver, Washington. She was raised by her grandmother. Money was very tight so she started going door to door looking for small jobs at the age of 10. She started babysitting and doing yard work. It was this drive and desire to work that is the bedrock of the success of Household Solutions. 

When she was 15 she began working as a hostess in a restaurant. She started waiting tables at 18 and bartending at 21. She worked in hospitality for 20 years. 

At the age of 16 she tested out of high school level classes and began taking college courses while helping her Grandmother financially. She went on to finish college with a BA in Psychology from WSU. In 2017 she went back to college to get a nursing degree. She completed the prerequisites and began working at BCH as she prepared to enter an accelerated program. Those plans came to an end when she unexpectedly ran out of funding. It was at this point Household Solutions was born!

Community Service

Community service is a big part of Brianna's passion. She has volunteered most of her adult life in many arenas. She is proud of the service she has given her community. Of note she spent time in Peru serving in medical relief for a summer, in the Urubamba Valley.  She worked with Boulder County Sheriff's Office as an On-Scene Victim's Advocate, providing crisis intervention counseling. She most recently founded and serves as president to Community Solutions, a 501 3(c) non-profit connecting resources and social capital in Erie, Colorado.

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